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93 rue d'aboukir, 75002, Paris


Our philosophy

We strongly believe that the fun of mobile games should not consist of a simple distraction but should be expanded to real life. Consumers deserve a greater shopping experience.

For us, a game should above all tell a storyUsing the game as the starter of the storytelling, generate a strong bond between the consumers and our clients. 

A game also allowed creating a customisable experience. Emotions drive the choice of the consumers which will create a special connection with the brand.

Since few years from now, we have the trust of many clients and we give our best to create outstanding app to increase their performances. Who knows, why would you not be the next?

Oswald & Fanny

Une équipe d'experTS qui vous accompagnera sur tous vos projets

Fanny Garret

With numerous start-up in my background and a special bound to digital, it’s with a mutual desire that I created Metidia with a University classmate to offer the marketing solution of tomorrow.

Let’s go take a coffee and discuss about it!

Oswald Bernard

Self-taught programmer and plug-in adventurer, I co-founded Metidia with Fanny after releasing Vinoga because we share the same vision: the consumer of tomorrow will have different needs than today.

Let’s discuss about it and answer their problematic!

Florian Morata

Js PhpHtmlCss nothing stop me, not even a Python… Biggest the challenge is, the more I will develop my code to match all your needs and create a customized app.

So, please challenge me!

Christophe sapage

With my experience within media and my passion for mobile games, I love to invest myself in the creation of a targeted campaign generating virality, retention                             and ROI

Let’s plan your business case together!

william gauthier

Gamification expert thanks to background within the video game industry, I love to design new game experience with the strong belief that a mobile app should be a great game at the first place.

Let’s find the concept that match your needs!


Metidia is always looking for talented and passionate mobile games designers.

Please, feel free to contact or see us 🙂