Brands & retails

Seduce, attract, convert and increase loyalty in the long run

Modern Marketing Contest

Versus is our solution to create a new modern and efficient contest that converts up to 6% of the players to purchase something from you!

Modern group payment at the social media's age

Inspired by the successful Chinese company Pinduoduo, Meti.pot converts your clients into ambassadors.

Modern checkout Pay by Chat

Create a frictionless payment solution to your customers by using a chat as if they were purchasing from a real human.

Modern Loyalty Program

The new loyalty program is a game. Downloaded more than 250 000 times in less than 3 weeks, a game attracts your loyal customers (60%) and your nonloyal customers (40%)
Working With Millennials

Solutions to work with millennials

Millennials stand for 25% of the workforce. Digital native and looking for meaning in what they work for, they are a very particular generation to work with.

To help you to:
+ hire millennials
+ work with millennials
+ help non-millennials to work with them

we create experiences and games to increase engagement, communication and loyalty.

Need Something Specific?

Solve your user engagement problem in your own way!

Use out-of-the-box solutions is fine when your are solving a problem that is not strategic.

If in your case, it is really important to work on something specific that highlight your identity in today’s digital world, we can help you to adopt the right way to proceed.

  • Velocity and agility first: development by sprint.
  • Video games experts to help you deal with user's engagement problem & scalability
Why Choose Us

Our mindset

We never stop challenging the technologies.

Because Technology is a tool that underlays the digital experience. We have a strong focus about not being limitated by the technology.

We all are under 35 years old

We only develop and design experiences we would like to use for ourselves.

Relationship is at the heart of the value

The most important key to success is the team and leaders that bolster this success.

Always come up with solutions

no comment. A simple and strong mindset.
Our Team

We are always looking for new talents and experienced craftsman to join us

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